A message from levi-fucking-heichou
Omg you're the best!! Thanks so much and keep up the good work <3. Congrats on reaching 1000 followers btw.

Woooo~~!!! My pleasure, thank you very much…!!! o//w//o

Actually, i wanted to celebrate it when the followers reached 1000, but i was overtaken.. Thank you~

Palette #13

Palette #13


I’m spending my vacation at my granny’s house for a week without bringing my tablet there. So maybe there will be no update for the next few days..

Mermaid! Eren

Mermaid! Eren

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Hi sorry I kinda creeped up and down at your blog xD you're an amazing artist, you know? :3 I love your Eren and Levi comics! ^_^ you're amazing!!

So glad you love it, thank’s a lot~ o w o

A message from Anonymous
GODS UR TAKING REQUESTS?? Im wondering if you can draw Touka from Tokyo Ghoul. Oh, and do you watch Tokyo Ghoul? I dont know if it matches ur taste but I definitely recommend it!!

Well, only this time ._. I don’t watch it, but i’ll try~ Thank you for the recommendation :D

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Your art is amanzing and suuuuuuper adorable and awesome and cute *-* Have a nice day *flies away*

Wwwaaaahh~~!!! Thank you so much > <

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