Mawla | 18 | Indonesian | I sometimes draw in my spare time.
So happy to find a fellow Indonesia fangirl and shipper! Sorry I have only discovered your blog just now. Bangga banget tiap kali lihat seorang artist yang sangat talented sebagai rekan sebangsa :')

So am I..!! Getting such a nice message always makes me excited :^D Hehe, it’s okay… Ah, aku tersanjung.. Tapi da aku mah apa atuh hanya setetes air dari lautan yang luas :’^)

Saturday, September 20, 2014
Lord Jesus ur art is amazing


Friday, September 19, 2014
I ship your Calculus student Levi with hana-tox's Chem student Eren :')c

OMG YOU’RE RIGHT ANON WHAT A BRILLIANT IDEA..!!! I’m thinking about a collab right now…

Thursday, September 18, 2014
So many of you amazing ereri/rivaere artists are in Indonesia and the Phillipines. :0

F-for real..? I think you haven’t opened your eyes wider, my dear Anon, there are so many non-Asian ereri/riren artists like Jazz-san, Mara-san, Nadine-san, Lexy-san, Mitsu-san, and many more..! (Well, but i can’t deny the fact that most of ereri/riren artists are from Indonesia or the Philippines, haha)

your art is show up in my dash and im just like 'well damn hot levi i approve gotta stalk the artist." and turn out you are indonesian too!! haha. It's rare to find indonesian artis who in rivaere! (i know aphin,yuuika and then... um...) Nice to met you!!!

Haha, yes yes, i know this person -an Indonesian too of course- who ships rivaere as well (hakorin) Oh, and also, i’ve known you before you messaged this and your drawings are absolutely gorgeous :^D Nice to meet you too~

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
I LOVE YOU.. You're my role model! I recently bought a wacom intuos pen and I'm using PS CS6 too but it's so hard to get used to it ;_; whenever i am about to give up, I REMEMBER YOU! bc you use Photoshop CS6 too hehehehe :D

And you know what..? I use the same tablet as yours… Ahh, I love you too…

Saturday, September 13, 2014
Monday, September 8, 2014
I saw pretty much all of your art,and you're amazing! :D I'm trying to draw with my tablet and I'm also using Photoshop CS6,so can you give me any tips?

AAAAAAAAAA Thank you >///< To be honest, there aren’t any tips for drawing, all you need is just practice and practice. For starting, you may try not to draw the line nervously in order to get clean and neat line, probably ._. ?

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